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My first experience in attending a CandyTeenCon is indescribable in one word so I'll just enumerate it. I know that I may be a bit old in attending this event since I'm already 19 turning 20 this November. Every teen age girl will always have the heart of a candy girl. It was never to late to try it out, right!

  • FUN     The whole program was a blast, especially watching the performers sing and dance live. For me, live performance add more depths to their personality, you can see them as a person rather than an artist. The clothes sold at the venue were really stylish and cute, I'd love to buy one but I was really broke at that time :) All of the booths prepared activities such as making friendship bracelet, nail art, and applying chalk on hair for free. 
  • FANGIRLING     I don't know if its an official word but this event made me realize that people do take it seriously. They really have a lot of banners dedicate for their idols in order to show how proud they were.  I was never the fan girl type, but my respect for them grew since I saw how much effort they put out in order to support their idols. 
  • EXCITING     It was exciting to see fresh talents perform live. I actually loved the feeling of seeing new faces and knowing that we all have a common love for all cute and girly things. I was never really the vocal type of person, knowing people have the same interest as I did gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to my heart. It was also exciting to try new things, like applying chalk to my hair. 
  • UNFORGETTABLE       Its the first ever event that I attended, hosted by the CandyMag, so this will really make a mark in my memory. Its unforgettable because I was able to enjoy it with my lovely cousins and sister because without them I wouldn't be a real candy girl.
  • INSPIRING     Its really inspiring to see a lot of young artist already making a name for themselves. The interviews made me realize that I should never give up on my dreams and always have self-confidence. Dreams are meant to be goals in order too achieve reality.
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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. How exciting. Amazing that you got to attend this event Aimee. Must have been great fun. Happy early birthday.

  2. Oh, how fun! I wish I could have attended. Great vlog.

  3. looks so much fun! you girl had such a great time! :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. so great!!!!