10,000 Roses | Cordova, Cebu

8:38 PM

        The 10,000 Roses is a fancy cafe, it is best known for its 10,000 white roses, but sadly its fake roses specifically an LED. The cafe during its first operations had no entrance fee. Reviews from social media sites attracted so many people. It became so popular that many started to visit the place. However, the people only visited the place to take pictures and not buy foods from the cafe. The sad part was that a lot of people damaged most of the roses just to get a perfect picture since it was forbidden to enter the field full of roses. A barrier was placed in each corner of the path way. The owner placed an entrance fee of 20 pesos which can also be considered as environmental fee since a lot of visitor threw trashes on the water that surrounds the cafe and many roses were also damaged. 

                 This cafe was on our bucket list when we visited Cebu this month, it is located at Cordova, Cebu. Sadly, this was the last spot that we visited before we head over to the airport so we didn't have enough time to buy foods from the cafe. I regretted not being able to try out their food, but the placed was overall pretty. Its unfortunate that some of the petals were bent and are about to fall. I hope the visitor will learn how to respect the place and avoid throwing trashes on the water.  

P.S I am bare face on this picture, I didn't put anything on my face except moisturizer and sunscreen since we were in a hurry. The blue floral kimono is from Zaful, my top and palazzo pants are from a concept store, and I only borrowed the hat from my cousin hahaha.  

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. It's sad that we don't know how to take care of beautiful places like this and instead of preserving it, we abuse it. In the name of taking great photos that will garner likes online. What a pity. Have we really become this shallow?

    Anyway, great pics. And thanks for these info. I'm actually planning on going there late this year.

  2. That is such a nice place, I love roses in any way, and I loved the pictures! You look amazing! Hope you have a great weekend!