Aimee Bustillo 

Capturing Life Memoirs is a blog that I created  to help me record all of my journals. I always love taking pictures and its a shame to just let it rot in my hard drive, so instead I opted to create a BLOG. Now, I can share it with you guys.

This picture was taken when I turned eighteen.

For now, I could say that I am an Artist by heart and soon to be Industrial Designer. Most of my time is preoccupied  in doing "plates" which is a term for project in my field. I always encounter sleepless night just to pass a well presented plate on time.

In personal, I am a shy type person, I don't make the first move in meeting acquaintances. Maybe I'm  afraid of rejection or I just over think things in a negative way.

My lovely cousin Shaira Manalo was the one who introduced the world of blogging. She inspired me to make one. Her blog is very versatile, classy, fun, adventures, and exciting. I could describe it as a package deal in one word. You can check her out at this website http://missdream-girl.blogspot.com/

 At first, I was hesitant on making a blog because it requires creating description . I am not very good with words and slow in composing sentences. But I want to challenge myself, so in order to widen my creativity I entered the world of blogging.

Most of my post will be about travel, food, fashion, and art. I hope you will enjoy your stay.