How To Bathe A Newborn Baby

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Hi Guys! Here are some tips on How to take care of newborns, this article will prepare you to be ready and confident in being a mother.

How to take care of newborns
You have been waiting for your baby, and she has now arrived. You still are wondering how to do what and at what time. The first weeks with a newborn are never easy. Many things are tough to handle from holding the baby to breastfeeding her. While a baby is a blessing, taking care of an infant needs you to be keen and a fast learner. Since nobody will give you a manual for parenting, here are our top tips on how to take care of newborns.

Bathe your baby
You can all agree that bathing a newborn is not an easy task. It can be challenging to hold a few days old baby and bath her. If you have done it, then you can concur that it feels like the child will slip off your hands. But apparently, you are not going to let the baby stay without being bathed. Use a sponge to wash your little one in the first week after birth. After the umbilical cord drops, you are free to wash your infant three or two times a week. If you can’t do it, it is good to see the help of a friend.

Wash hands
You need to handle your newborn with carefulness. The immune system of infants is not as strong as ours, and this increases their vulnerability to diseases. That is why you need to wash your hands using hand antiseptics before holding your baby. Ensure that anyone who carries the baby cleans her hands before doing so.

Do not shake the baby
Whether you are frustrated or playing, do not shake your infant. Vigorous shaking may cause bleeding in the brain. It can also lead to death. When waking your newborn, blow softly on her cheek or tickle her.

Breastfeed your baby
For first time mommies, breastfeeding the baby can be a bit hard but an exciting experience. Ensure you turn your baby’s body to you when you want to breastfeed her. Make your nipple touch her lip and move her closer to the breast and make her open the mouth. Don’t get worried if the little one has difficult during her first feeding; it takes practice and patience. Seek the assistance of a lactation consultant or a nurse to help feed her.

Change diapers frequently
If you want to protect your child against diaper rash, you will have to change the diapers often. It doesn’t matter if you use disposable or cloth diaper. Ensure you change your baby’s diaper as soon as it wet or has some poop. When removing the diaper, put the baby on his back and use a cloth and water to wipe the baby’s private parts.  It is advisable to let the baby go without the diaper for a few hours daily, to let her bottom freshen.

The arrival of your newborn may be exciting, but it is not without challenges. Protect your child in all ways. Keep the infant warm and help her rest. Help the baby sleep at night by switching off the rights.

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