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A shout-out to all of the beauty bloggers and make-up lovers out there. My post for today will be about makeup tools from an online store called Zaful. Here are some essential things that you will need to own in order to achieve a decent make-up. Having a foundation as a base for make-up is a common knowledge that every girl should know. But always apply a primer first before putting all of the make-up on your face. When applying a foundation I usually use a blender to equally spread the liquid in a dabbing motion. Once you’re done using the blender, having a blender holder is very convenient because it can serve as container and dryer. If a blender is placed on a vessel without any air circulation it will accumulate a bad odor and will remain damp. It is advisable to dry out a blender before keeping it on a storage. 

A makeup brush is very important to have in order to apply eye shadows, contour powders, and other make-up products. It is also used to blend the make-up to see a nice transition of the skin and the products used. Every once a week, the makeup brushes are supposed to be cleaned to avoid dirty particle on to the skin. You can use a make-up brush cleaning pad to clean it more effectively and quickly. The oval make-up brushes are mostly used when applying a foundation and contouring the face. 

You can browse many eyeshadowonline that are available at Zaful’s site. All of these products can be placed on a cute makeup bag so that you won’t lose them. It is also convenient to own one so that you can bring your makeup anywhere and anytime. Zaful has a lot of beauty products at their site that are affordable and has a nice quality. They are also selling fashionable clothes for men and women that ranges from casual to formal wear. You can also find a fashion accessory section as well as a home decoration area. Be sure to check out their site for more information. Zaful is offering an Easter special sale on selected items and they are also providing a crazy discount coupon from $5 up to $20. Hurry up before all the goods are gone.

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. I didn't know zaful has so lovely beauty items.
    Thank you for sharing these items.

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