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L O V E     P I C N I C S
"A fun filled day trip with your love ones"
     Let's savor the remaining autumn time and enjoy the mild and windy weather outside the parks. It's the season when leaves fall from the trees and cool breeze flows. The best thing to do outside is plan a picnic with your friends and family. This will give an opportunity to relax and appreciate nature. I found a really interesting site that caters the needs for picnic activities. 

          The provides cooler bags, rugs, blanket, budget baskets, and gift basket. I love the vintage style wicker basket that they offer its so cute and the traditional British classic picnic is still retained. But if your more of a modern practical type of person they also offers baskets that has the right features to prolong and protect the life of your foods.

         You can also find portable picnic tables and benches that are made from wood, plastic and metal. These products are such a trend right now since they portable, durable, and low maintenance. Its has the right elements to create the mood for a picnic trip. These could be used for your garden or a day trip camp.  

         If your not the table kind of person and just like to sit on the ground then your in luck. They also offer picnic rugs and blanket that are waterproof. These are really convenient, you don't have to worry so much if your water spilled. Plus the patterns are so chic and traditional, the style is still preserved. I was really amazed that they offers these products, society is so modernized today. They have taken picnic in a different level. I am also happy that they are still considering the traditional aspect of it. Have a happy picnic :) 

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. Aimee, thank you for the post. You're right, there is something special about having a picnic. Even with the colder weather, I love eating outside. Nothing beats the outdoors! Have a great day :)

  2. Yay! I never been into a picnic. Thanks for sharing!


  3. aww so beautiful

  4. Aw, this is convenient. Picnics should be fun and it this just helps make that happen. Couldn't be cooler than this.

  5. Picnics are great, I love them too :))) xx

  6. I have to check them out. I love picnics and these supplies are so cool. The basket itself is my favorite.

  7. Who doesn't love a picnic, right? I especially love them at the beach. Hadn't heard of this company, but will take a peek!


  8. Wow, I love picnics and outdoor activities. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing Aimee!

  9. I very seldom have gone to a picnic, but I have to say, I loooove it! I can't wait to have a picnic again, I liked the pictures and they have inspired me! Hope you have a very nice day!

  10. Cute photos