July Favorites 2017

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August is finally here and it time to look back to some of my July favorites , so today I will be sharing my top 6 picks. This would be my first time sharing favorites so I hope you'll find this useful.

The first one is this gorgeous Golden Body Chain from Zaful. I actually ordered this to wear for our graduation ball since the first theme was inspired from the movie "Great Gatsby" however they changed the theme in the last minute and I already ordered it. Since I didn't want to waste it, we made a specially photo shoot for this piece. It very classy and glamorous, perfect for a formal event.  
The second one is a Faux Leather Grey Handbag. This bag can transform as a body bag and handbag. I loved how the size is ideal for an office environment and the fact that all of the compartments have zippers. It very light, versatile, and I could imagine myself using this bag on 
daily basis for work.
The third one is this Gradual Pilot Sunglasses from Rosegal. I totally love how the pilot sunglasses is semi-transparent so that the expression on eyes can still be seen. Two shades of colors is better than one right? :D  I will be wearing it on my next post, here's a little teaser.

The fourth one is this Acrylic Brush Holder from Rosegal, it feels so good to see your brushes in a makeup organizer. It makes you want to use the brushes all the time. Its easier to choose and put the brushes back to its original place. Also it maximizes the space. 

The Fifth one is the Sponge Holder Drying Stand from Rosegal. This is a really lifesaver since I only keep my Beauty Blender on its original packaging and if I keep it closed there's always a smell left. I can now easily use it and keep it. However, it would have been better if the diameter is little bit smaller for a perfect fit.

The last one is an Ombre Mermaid Shape Make-up Brush from Rosegal, these brushes are aesthetically pleasing. There's a Mermaid trend right now from the fashion industry and I am really hyped about it. Mermaid plus ombre is like saying you can have my money please, take it hahaha. As for the quality it okay, the brushes are fluffy and does a good job on blending the makeup. However, the strands are quite thin, and the tail of the brushes takes up a lot of space. But I would really recommend if you want an affordable and cute brush.

I hope this was useful and entertaining to read!
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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. those mermaid brushes are simply stunning! LOVE!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Those brushes are so cute ! And I love body chains, they are awesome !

    PS : Those pictures and presentation is so cool, I love it


  3. Sorry to hear you didn't get to wear the body chain to your graduation ball, it looks incredible on you! The ombre makeup brushes are gorgeous too; so unusual!


  4. wow! I really love everything! :)


  5. I loved the gold chain and the brushes! Really very cool things, I want a chain like that! Hope you have a very lovely day!

  6. thar body chain is definitely my favorite! I think it would be a great addition to a wedding dress too dont you think? I've been wedding dress shopping and I saw something similar in a convertible dress!
    The Color Palette

  7. I love that body chain on you! I can really see the Gatsby vibes :)

    Rachel xx

  8. Very great finds dear!
    Love especially your bag and sunnies!