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When I started working I always find it hard to choose what type of clothes I should wear in the office. The first thing that I consider when picking an outfit is what job position I have, because that’s when I can find out if I should wear casual, stylish, modest, or formal attire. The location and environment of the place is also a factor because if your office is situated with all the well-known company a formal attire is a must. The last thing that I consider is how my co-workers dresses in the office because I usually prefer to blend in with the crowd rather than be over dressed or out of place. After taking all of this factors it’s time to search my closet and see if there are worthy outfits that I can use. This will certainly lead to a messy situation. All of my clothes will be cluttered on the bed, I can compare this scenario to a flea market of clothes where all the clothes are stacked together side by side. It may be time consuming but fun and interesting to do. Your creativity will be challenged on mix and matching different types of outfit to create a good combination.  

As of now I am still having a hard time dressing up for my work because I usually end up wearing plain clothes. I still haven’t found the right style that I prefer. I want to achieve a comfortable yet stylish look and incorporate my own personal style. I found a lot of interesting outfits from Rosegal. Here are some of my top picks outfits that I could see myself wearing at the office. P.S. I only wear casual clothes. To see more fashionable clothes visit their site. 

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. They do have pretty clothes. I love that top with the zipper details, cute!

    The Flower Duet