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The prom season is almost here, are you guys ready to pick the right prom dress? Have you decided on what style to choose? Prom is the time for girls to express themselves among their peers. But be sure to always prepare a dress that is comfortable, so you can dance freely. 

Look for fashion trends that will inspire you in picking your ideal prom dress. Once you have decided the next step is to find a great tailor who can create your idea into reality. They will create a design from your vision. Choosing the right fabrics for a prom dress is a crucial step, this will make a great impact to the overall design. 

A dreamy pastel ombre silk in organza or chiffon can create a delicate princess style. 

While a pastel satin chiffon can create a soft romantic look.

A touch of lace can add interesting elements to dress.

Using embroidered patterns can be a bold move in creating interesting texture. 

Choosing the right color of prom dress fabrics is also big factor, make sure that it will complement your skin and is compatible with your ideal design. 

The tailor will create dress Patterns base on your measurement to enhance the shape of your body. Creating your dream dress maybe alot of work but seeing it finished will make it worth while. Wearing the dress that you worked so hard on will give you a fullfillin moment and this will create a beautiful memory.

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