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Hi guys I’d like to share a post about nail polish. When I started working my coworkers all of my coworkers where wearing nail polish for work purpose and personal preference as well. After a while my boss suggested that I wear nail polish as well. I stared searching the right color of nail polish that matches my skin tone. I also tried doing my own nails to save money. I found it hard to paint my own nails because it took my time and I needed to be patient. But it was worth it after I saw the end result.

It’s very exciting to paint your nails in different colors and designs. If you like an everyday color that matches with your outfit offers a wide variety of colors that you’ll love. The prices are very affordable and they are always offering great deals. Watch out for the upcoming holiday sales you’ll surely enjoy shopping.

My top colors for a versatile nail polish would be black, grey, dark blue, transparent, and light or pastel pink. I guess all of the colors are nice but the shade should be light to keep it neutral. If you are feeling creative and artistic with different designs and pattern the online shop that I mentioned earlier are offering tons of Nail Art Supplie that are cheap and helpful. Be expressive and try finding out your personal style. There tons of designs, pattern, colors and techniques that you can experiment with nail polish.

One of my favorite techniques in using nail polish is Stamping Gel Polish. I can create tons of gorgeous design and explore different style combination. This technique is much quicker and faster to use. It also lasts longer than the regular nail polish.

Since Christmas is coming soon, I recommend to wear different shades of red and green like maroon, crimson, scarlet, magenta, burgundy, royal green, emerald, olive, jade, and forest nail polish to celebrate this festive holiday. Also try cute iconic symbols used during Christmas like gifts, candy cane, Christmas trees, lights, ginger bread, and many more. These designs will surely liven up the joyful holiday.

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. I love all the colors!