Seasons All Day Dining at Ramada Chelsea Al Barsha, Dubai

5:58 PM

Hi guys I'd like to share with you a restaurant called Seasons All Day Dining at Ramada Chelsea Al Barsha, Dubai. I went here with my family to celebrate family reunion because its has been a long time since we were completed as a family. The atmosphere of the place was calming and pleasing, there weren't many people when we visited. We manage to catch-up with every family member lives over dinner. During that time, the main theme of the food was seafood . We ate so many delicious dishes. One of my favorite was the lobster and the desserts. The staff were all friendly and accommodating too. I recently bought a new camera that time and I wanted to test it so I ended up taking many food shots. Over all, we enjoyed the experience. I'd love to come back to this restaurant again. 

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