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Hi guys, I often share fashion post about clothes here, but today I would like to share about jewelries. I am actually a simple girl who don't usually wear jewelry before because when I was young it wasn't a necessity and I can't afford it (haha real confession). But now, since I started working for a jewelry company little by little I started to appreciate it. I learned that jewelry is a statement piece that enhances the wearer personality. It's a form of self-expression wherein you can present yourself without uttering a word. As of now I could say that jewelry grew a place in my heart. I started collecting a lot of jewelry design that caught my attention, I have many number of boards in Pinterest related to jewelry. I never thought that I would be infatuated with the world of jewelry.

For me, if I wanted to buy my first jewelry I would like it to have personal touch, to celebrate my first every owned jewelry bought with my money. To create a necklace using either a monogram necklace - getnamenecklace based on my first name. I've seen a lot of people wear personalized necklace depending with their personal preference. Some people create couple necklaces with heart design as a romantic gesture for their special someone. While others create a personalized small celebrity monogram necklace as a tribute to their favorite stars.

I found a great website that offers personal necklaces, here is the link: Just click - get name necklace and see their different types of products. This online shop can create personalized necklace according to your preference. They are also providing different sizes and it is made from silver pleated in gold and rose gold. Check out their site for more information about their wide selection of classic jewelries.

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. super cute necklace!

  2. Nice post >w<
    I wish i had one of those necklace but with my name on it (in my dreams maybe)

    -Poys123 >w<

  3. The necklaces are stunning!

    new post

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