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Uplistsikhe Historical and Architectural Museum
Our tour guide didn't actually give us the itinerary so I had no idea what the place would look like. But he had a good reason because the weather at that time was unpredictable. This was during the month of August 2018. The place we were going might be hard to drive so he wasn’t sure if the trip will be pushed or changed. With this circumstance, I wore a wrong outfit for the first destination that we went.

I had no idea we were climbing slope mountains. I was wearing a long wide pants and a flip flop. The wind was very strong so my pants kept on flying all over the place and it was cold. Luckily, I brought a sweater with me. When we were doing a city tour the weather was warmer, but since we traveled near the mountains it became cold. The travel time from our place to our next destination would be about estimated 3-hour drive from the city.

The place was really marvelous, the way the rocks where formed and how the church was built strongly, I could imagine people living here from the past. It was very interesting how the stone walls can withstand strong winds and other weather for such a long period of time. The place was very sacred and holy.

The sad part was that the rain started to fall heavily, we were drenched, the place became slippery, and we were lost on the way to the exit. Luckily, we manage to find the right trail and safety got back to the meeting place.

Stalin Museum
Around 2:15 pm we stopped at a local park called Gori dedicated to one of their hero Stalin. The Stalin Museum was situated in the center of the park. We were excited to see how the architecture was similar with the Greeks. We took a bunch of photos and left the park at 3 pm.

Mtskheta Church of Holy Cross
Around 3:40 pm we reached our destination, there were droplets of rain but we still continued. We went to the top of the mountain and visited the church called Mtskheta Church of Holy Cross. There were a lot of wedding ceremonies happening in church so the place was a bit crowded. It was really cold but the view was still breathtaking.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
At 4:20 pm we reached our destination, it is called Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. I can really feel the medieval atmosphere. Since we went to a lot of churches, I was accustomed to the facade and interior of the churches.
When we roamed around the place there were people taking stolen picture of tourists as a marketing plan, on our way back they showed us the photos they took and I really liked my photo, but since I wanted to save money, I did not buy it. Now, I regret not buying it.

At 6 pm, last destination that we visited was a restaurant, the tables and chairs were made of woods like in the medieval times, it was like a tavern. I forgot to take a photo of the place since we were hungry and tired from the tour. The food was great, after eating we went back to our place and rested.

Thank you for visiting!
From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. It is really impressing there!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. It seems like you had an amazing time in Georgia. All the churches look so old and beautiful. The Stalin museum looks nice as well. Such an interesting place to visit! I'd love to visit it myself some day. I really like your outfit with wide pants, you look so pretty.

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing your experience! I love all of your photos, too! :)


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    Le Stylo Rouge

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    aglassofice.com x

  8. What a magical place! I'll be pinning this for my buketlist. The views are amazing, and so is your outfit. I looove this post.


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    Jessica | notjessfashion.com