Must have bags this spring 2020

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Hi guys! Today I will share different types of bags that are a must have this spring 2020. 

I have found these beautiful bags at an online shop called Baginning. They have a wide variety of fashionable and trendy bags from shoulders bags, small backpack, holographic bags, woven bag, clear backpack, and many more. The bag is made by professional designers and craftsman that uses high quality materials to create the finished product. All of the stylish and trending bags in the fashion industry can be found at this shop with an affordable price.

The shoulder bag is making a comeback this 2020 in bright colors for lively welcoming for summer. 

he tassel cylindrical shoulder bag compliments a chic style for a casual ensemble. 

The green cherry small backpack is very adorable and sophisticated at the same time. Perfect for the back to school style.

 The black leather small bag with an accent of maroon is classy and elegant with a touch of casual style because of the playful bag pack design. 

The pink flap clear backpack is feminine and playful at the same time. The transparent bag is trending this past few month in fashion industry. 

The sliver mini clear backpacks with holographic pockets have been trending for a few season with its colorful way of capturing lights in different angles that are striking and intriguing to the eyes. 

The silver flap leather clear back pack is fashionable and trendy. This bag is very transparent about the owner’s image by playfully showing the items inside the bag. 

The beige woven side bucket bag uses a light weight material that creates interesting texture. Woven bags are a trend this spring and summer. 

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. keep posting really great content.. you're awesome!!

  2. These are really great bags, especially the black leather. Can't go wrong with this lovely classic.

    Jessica |