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Hi Guys, it’s been a long time since I Iast created a blog post. 
I hope you are all safe and healthy. 

Today, I will share a fashion style from Africa that is well known and popular in today’s fashion scene. The use of lively colors and beautiful design prints of this style have captured the heart of people that will keep you from yearning for more. This African style is versatile that it can be applied to dresses, accessories, and many more.

Ankara style originated from the colorful country of Africa. It is based on Ankara fabric which is a traditional type of fabric used to create African prints such as Holland wax, Dutch wax and African wax print. The Ankara fabric showcase wonderful designs that reflects the creativity and rich culture of Africa. A prominent character of this style is a vibrant color combined with intricate prints that is a commonly seen in African clothing’s. The Ankara style is commonly printed on cotton to create a comfortable and soft texture. This style is receiving recognition by the international fashion scene and is slowly creating a fashion trend across the world. Its gaining popularity rapidly among the people. 

As summer season is approaching, the people are embracing a colorful and festive style that can be seen in most of Ankara fabrics designs. Ankara style dresses are a popular must have items for a summer wardrobe collection. A bright and bold design is a great way to express the summer style this 2020. Ankara style can be used to create pieces for summer festivals, parties, casual wear, formal occasions, as well as office attires. It can also be incorporated to accessories such as Ankara bags, earrings, rings, necklace, shoes, and head piece. A full ensemble inspired from Ankara style will create an interesting and lovely piece. It is has the quality of versatility which can be paired with different types of style and can be worn on various occasion.

Ankara style is the perfect representation of a happy, lively, interesting, and attractive clothing. There are a lot of attractive and unique fabric designs that are fascinating and appealing to the eyes. The designs of the fabrics are playful which captivates the unique characters of the Africans.

Here are some Ankara style that I liked and got me fascinated from the African fashion culture. I hope you enjoy these pieces and try exploring the Ankara style.

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From: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs
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  1. I love these colourful patterns so much! Gorgeous post Hun, hope you're having a lovely day x

    Grace ||

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